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" The real magic is in making the intangible idea, the creative impulse, manifest and live in our reality."

- Mark Ryan

After many years in marketing and product development for companies as small as 2-man startups and as large as Disney, Megan Garrett founded Manifest It Marketing, a boutique marketing agency that specializes in developing, launching and marketing products and services in the health and wellness space.

By employing a holistic and hands-on approach, our team works one-on-one with clients at any stage of the game! From the development of a new product in its beginning stages to increasing visibility of an existing product or service with a fresh marketing strategy, we partner closely with each of our clients to help them manifest the maximum potential and profitability of their business. 




We help clients achieve success at any stage of the game! Whether you are just starting out with a basic idea and need a partner to help develop your idea into a tangible living product or you need to reinvent your marketing copy or strategy, we meet you wherever you are! We have extensive experience creating products in the wellness industry such as vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, energy bars, organic food products, energy drinks, wellness coaching systems and services and more. 


We have awesome experience developing multi-platform marketing plans and executing them in a fast, efficient and lucrative way. From unique partnerships to online and on-air campaigns, we help our clients gain visibility and increase sales by honing in on their target audience and creating a meaningful connection. 

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Whether it’s an in-store, online or service platform launch, we meet our clients wherever they are in the development process and create a clear and effective strategy that fits the unique personality of both the client and the brand. 


We’ve learned over the years that what you say is everything!  Your first contact with a potential client is similar to a first date…you want to bring your A-game. We have extensive experience writing copy for websites, product packaging and a range of other marketing collateral. 


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It's all about teamwork!

We have an unwavering dedication to awesomeness. We pride ourselves on really listening to our client's needs and using our experienced vision to strategically develop and drive their brands in the direction of their highest potential.